Tampa Mall Promo START FRIDAY- Must BOOK NOW !!

Feb 11, 2009 10:17 PM


Attractive Pro-Active Greeter Needed

Citrus Mall, Univesity Mall, Brandon Mall



The Verizon FiOS promotion is designed to increase awareness of Verizon FiOS services and drive mall consumers to the kiosk. Product Ambassadors will be greeting mall consumers, handing out collateral, and encourage consumers to sign up for Verizon FiOS at the kiosk.

Positions: Verizon FiOS Product Ambassador- SUPER PRO ACTIVE GREETER

For this event staff must be 18 years of age or older. Staff must be energetic, attractive,slender, articulate, engaging and persuasive. Staff must have promotional experience. Must be able to take direction and be self motivated

Attire: Staff must provide their own attire. Please note the guidelines: First Option:

Staffmay wear either a solid-colored black dress. Length must fall no more than 2? above theknee or lower; dress should not be backless or have any cut-outs or see-through panels;dress must have straps OR be worn with a shrug or coordinating wrap; no plunging,revealing or low necklines permitted; opaque black or nude non-patterned tights/nylonsmust be worn with the dress; coordinating shoes are at the discretion of the staff, however, boots are not acceptable. Second Option: Staff may wear black dress pants,black dress shoes with black or nude stockings, and a solid-colored red or black dressshirt. Hair and makeup should be natural in appearance and neatly styled. Natural nails, all tattoos must be covered to the best of the staff?s ability, and piercings other than ears (earrings can be studs only) must be removed during work hours

. This staff must engage and try to get people to stop by the KIOSK.. Past Verizon experience is not necessary but, Past "Linking" is experience is a plus.

Dates / Times

Friday, February 13

12:00pm ? 4:00pm

Saturday, February 14

12:00pm ? 6:00pm

Sunday, February 15

12:00pm ? 4:00pm

Monday, February 16

12:00pm ? 6:00pm

TO APPLY: Visit Website www.Linkingpromotions.com Log in to account and look under EVENT CENTER this position will be viewed by the Following SKILL: Promo Model

Once you have applied ONLINE you may EMAIL jeny@Lpmiami.net to set up a phone interview, Between 9am-12pm Thursday

PAY: $15 - $17ph