Segway Promo Needs 2 more males- $20ph

Jan 14, 2009 2:59 AM


Att Male Promo Models ! 2 more spots left for a fun and exciting promotion taking place in Tallahasee.  Segway team will promote and distribute coupons to people and create BUZZ about McCafe. You must be available all days and time, have a Great Personality and 100% execution track record.

Training: Jan 19  6pm-8pm

Event Dates: Jan 20-23  (6hr shifts)  the times will most likely be 10am-4pm or 11am-5pm

Location: This will be an out door event, and will be attempting to visit various locations on Segway such as, university, mall's, conventions.......

Pay:  $20ph

 please login to our website and apply.

When you log in you must go to Event Center.      (if you do not see the promotion listed, it is because you did not put "promo model" as a skill, you may need to update your profile before you can apply

Linking Promotions, Inc.


Tallahasee, Fl

Event Dates: Jan 20-23                         

Fun Segway Promo

We need 2 male promo models to complete our team, Apply Today !