About Us

About the Company

Linking Promotions, Inc. is a talent and staffing agency operating since 2003, but our expertise in promotional events dates back to 1990. Our success comes from our field work, close relationships and our understanding of client's expectations; thus making us one of the most qualified agencies in North America. Let us bring your event to life by Linking it to the staff that fits your needs.

Since our beginning we have paid close attention to our recruiting process by always improving our pre-screening and post event reviews. We acknowledge that our staff must represent clients and our agency to the upmost professionalism. This is why we have been working through the years to create one of the best Event/Staffing Management Systems currently in the market. This online system helps us and our clients identify not only the best candidates but the ones with the best reviews track records and execution ratings!!!

Our system also helps accelerate the booking of our events by facilitating the communication with our "Link" Network. This system uses a powerful profiling software that we have custom developed through the years. It automatically notifies, via email and text messaging, the qualified "Links". This automation allows Links to quickly sign in to our website, call us, email us or text messages us and apply for an event booking. To learn more about our system click here.

About Our Links

All the individuals that belong to the Linking Promotions Network are considered "Links". Our Links take pride in being part of our Nationwide Organization due to the fact that we focus not only on what the client needs but also on what the Link loves to do. Our profiling system and our personal experience lets us identify the right Links to the right Events.

No matter what your event needs, Linking Promotions will have the most qualified Talent and Staff to bring your event to life! Our Links, after intense profile identification, are placed into either our Talent or Staffing group, allowing us to quickly identify the right Links for your events. If you wish to be part of the LINK click here.

To learn more about us, contact one of our Link Agents and let's start Linking NOW!